RequestFOIA makes it easy

  • We identify the appropriate agency to best satisfy your request for public records.
  • Review and coordinate all requests for public records for accuracy
  • File the request at designated agency, confirm receipt and processing
  • Communicate progress with the requestor effectively and efficiently
  • Evaluate agency processing fees and challenge when necessary
  • Challenges adverse decisions on behalf of the requestor
  • Upon receipt, all documents are emailed directly to you

When necessary requestFOIA will challenge adverse decisions

  • Denial of a records request
  • Timeliness of the response
  • Redactions and withholding of information
  • Associated processing fees
  • Any other adverse decision, as appropriate

We protect our customers

All of our records requests are private, so that the records our customers have requested are protected and can only be viewed or downloaded by them. We understand that you may want to protect your identity, which is why requestFOIA will file a confidential request on your behalf to any government agency.

Tiered Fee Structure

RequestsFOIA understands that each customer has unique needs and have structured a tiered fee schedule to assist our customers in fulfilling their needs in the most equitable way possible.

Professional/Organizational Requests

RequestFOIA offers discounted pricing programs for individuals, professionals and organizations that wish to file 10 or more requests per month. Please email with an approximate scope of your requests; or call us at (800) 296-8598 to speak with a requestFOIA representative. All service inquiries and quotations are confidential.